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IFIRD Membership

IFIRD membership will connect you to a multidisciplinary, global network of thousands of engineering professionals. Our members' unique knowledge and experience has made the Society the leading resource for best practices in engineering research & academic and community practice. IFIRD membership offers access to technical innovations, cutting edge information networking opportunities and exclusive membership benefits.

IFIRD members are playing an active role by being in the organizing committee of its conferences and events. The professionals having IFIRD professional membership have extended full support to the organization by being an activist in the IFIRD committees of our international conferences.

The IFIRD membership is available at different levels based on the applicants' academic qualifications and practical experience in mechanical, electrical, electronics, telecommunications, computers, information technology and related areas. Applicants are invited to seek the highest membership grade they are qualified for. The membership categories are:

Membership Categories


Fellowship of IFIRD will be given to the professionals those who made a prominent contribution to the advancement of the engineering, science & technology and gained not less than five years experience in a position of senior responsibility.

IFIRD Fellowship will be given to the professionals those could be in the practice and application of engineering teaching science & technology and curriculum development, managing a team of professionally qualified engineering professionals, scientists, academicians or concerned with the senior management, direction or commercial activities of organizations in which the application, study, research or advancement of engineering & science is of major importance.

Professors and Readers at universities, Directors in Industry and Heads of engineering departments, Deans will also be eligible for Fellowship of IFIRD.

* Besides the benefits of the regular members, Fellow Members are invited as keynote speakers, session chairs or to join the different committees of Associated Networks or the Journal Editorial board or Reviewers of the Journals and Conferences.

Application Form for Fellowship   

Life Time Membership

An individual Professional Member can opt the LifeTime Member of IFIRD. This is a one time (for life time) fees towards the administrative expenses.

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Professional Membership

Any persons possessing Master's degree in the field of Engineering & Technology or Bachelor's degree in the field of Engineering, Science & Technology can apply for the Professional membership of IFIRD.

Those working in the area of Engineering Research and Business, but not possessing the aforesaid qualifications can also apply for the membership.

IFIRD Professional members are engaged in various research and development activities and are playing a pioneer role to review the research papers and to make the technical events and conference successful.

Universities/Institutions also provides a scope to Professional members to build up a technical and professional network to boost technical advancement and research development.

Today IFIRD receives thousands of applications for membership and we welcome the initiatives and support of professionals to be a part in the association with aspiration to globalize the innovation and research.

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Institutional Membership

Colleges, Universities/Institutions, Engineering Research Institutes and Organizations can apply for IFIRD institutional membership. IFIRD welcomes applications from engineering colleges and universities for mutual collaboration to work together for academic advancement and research development in the field of engineering , science and technology.

For Being an institutional member,

The University/Institution must have at least 50 student members of IFIRD.

The University/Institution must have four or more life time members in good standing.

The University/Institution must have 25 professional members.

Membership is open to all engineering departments of the academic Institution/University.

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Student Membership

Any Students pursuing a Master's degree in the field of Engineering, Science & Technology or Bachelor's degree in the field of engineering, science & technology can apply for student membership of IFIRD.

IFIRD encourages and supports students by appointing its members to provide necessary guidance to build and globalize their innovative ideas.

With IFIRD student membership one could avail a global contact with its professionals associated in the field of engineering and technology.

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Membership Fee Structur

   Membership Fee in INDIA (INR - ₹ )
Membership Type Annual Fee For 5 Years
Life Membership         ----
Professional Membership
Institutional Membership         ----
Student Membership         ----
   ABROAD Membership Fee (USD - $)
Membership Type Annual Fee For 5 Years
Life Membership         ----
Professional Membership
Institutional Membership         ----
Student Membership         ----

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